• Alignment with Organizational Values (20%)

    • The song should reflect CFI’s core values, mission, and vision.
    • Lyrics should embody the principles and ethics CFI stands for, promoting unity and shared purpose among staff.
  • Lyrical Quality (20%)

    • Focuses on the poetic craftsmanship of the lyrics.
    • Use of language, rhyme schemes, meter, and overall fluency.
    • Lyrics should be meaningful, inspiring, and convey the intended message clearly and effectively.
    • The song should be written in English and last at least 2–3 minutes maximum.
  • Musicality (20%)

    • Consider the melody, harmony, and overall musical arrangement of the song.
    • The tune should be engaging and singable, complementing the lyrics and enhancing the overall experience.
  • Originality and Creativity (20%)

    • The uniqueness of the song in terms of both lyrics and melody.
    • The hymn should be an original composition, not previously published or used in any other context, and must demonstrate innovation from musical arrangements.
  • Overall Impact (20%)

    • A holistic view of the song’s effectiveness in representing CFI, its memorability, and its potential to inspire and unify.
    • The hymn should evoke a sense of unity, inspiration, and reverence when performed within the context of the organization.
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