Culion Foundation Inc. and its LGU conducted monitoring of the mangrove nursery in Barangay Burabod, Culion, Palawan

Brgy. Burabod is among the seven (7) new project sites of the CFI GForest Mangrove project, in partnership with Gcash. Through this, CFI and the municipality of Culion target to plant 75,000 mangrove seedlings up to year 2024.

The Green Heroes or the GForest community leaders composed of women and men fishers Brgy. Burabod are leading the project in the mangrove nursery establishment, site assessment, collection of propagules and bagging, maintenance and monitoring of seedlings in the nursery plots.

A total of ten thousand (10,000) seedlings of Rhizophora mucronata (bakhaw babae), Rhizophora apiculata (bakhaw lalaki) and Ceriops tangal (tungog) were cultivated at the 5 m x 5 m nursery plot. The nursery was installed within the declared marine protected area, and is part of the women-managed zone or area of the MPA in the municipality of Culion.

This initiative strengthens the mangrove reforestation project of CFI and GCash which aims to raise environmental awareness among local communities and other stakeholders in the coastal barangays of Coron and Culion in Palawan to help recover and maintain ecological balance and combat the effects of climate change.

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