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The founding and history of CFI are deeply rooted in its commitment to providing compassionate care and support to patients affected by communicable diseases, with a special focus on tuberculosis and leprosy. Since its inception, CFI has played a significant role in various initiatives aimed at combating infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases. From its active involvement in multidrug therapy for leprosy to implementing community-based and hospital-based approaches to TB care, CFI has emerged as a crucial pillar of support for the country’s health system. Additionally, the organization has made commendable efforts in areas like community-based drowning prevention, urban health, and providing essential vitamin supplementation to mothers and children. By engaging and empowering local government units, health workers, microentrepreneurs, vulnerable groups, and other community actors, CFI is making commendable strides toward improving the overall health outcomes of the Filipino people.

Active Case Finding

TB in the workplace

Vitamin Supplementation

Urban Health

Modified Leprosy Elimination Campaign

Community-based Drowning Prevention


Amid the pressing challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation, CFI recognizes the urgent need for the conservation and sustainability of our natural environment. As an organization deeply committed to the well-being of both present and future generations, CFI embraces the principle of environmental sustainability. Collaborating with like-minded organizations, CFI is actively involved in restoration efforts, particularly in the rehabilitation of mangrove wetlands. Moreover, the organization is dedicated to capacitating fisherfolks, educating them about sustainable fishing practices to safeguard marine ecosystems and ensure a healthier planet for all its inhabitants. By taking a proactive stance in environmental conservation, CFI is reinforcing its dedication to securing a prosperous and sustainable future for the global community.


Fish Right


CFI recognizes that health outcomes are closely intertwined with the social determinants of health. Acknowledging this vital link, the organization extends its support to small enterprises and community groups, viewing them as catalysts for community development. By fostering an enabling environment for small enterprises to thrive, CFI endeavors to uplift communities and create lasting positive impacts. Through diverse initiatives, including infrastructure improvements, access to essential services, educational programs, and robust social support networks, CFI is actively contributing to the creation of sustainable and thriving communities. In doing so, the organization empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives and fosters a collective spirit that drives communities to work together towards a brighter, more inclusive future.