Culion Foundation Inc. co-facilitated the Community Consultation in Culion, Palawan

The LGU through the Office of the Municipal Agriculture (OMA) and Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC) Chairperson spearheaded the public consultation about the proposed water lease application of a community trader in the said area.

The water lease application is for the proposed establishment and management of an area for sea grapes or lato culture projects within the buffer zone of the Marine Protected Area (MPA).

The community endorsed the proposed application, and the BFARMC of Osmeña will elevate the said application to the MFARMC by issuing a BFARMC endorsement certifying that there was a community consultation conducted and that the fisherfolks of Barangay Osmena approve to have a seaweeds culture project in the identified area. The proposed area was then validated by the community together with LGU and CFI using a GPS handheld receiver.

The MFARMC will revisit the application at the upcoming 2nd MFARMC quarter meeting on August 25, 2023.

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