Culion Foundation Inc. Program Manager for environment attended the Environmentally Critical Areas Network(ECAN) board meeting

Culion Foundation, Inc. (CFI) Program Manager for environment attended the Environmentally Critical Areas Network (ECAN) board meeting held on August 15, 2023, at the RHU conference room in Culion, Palawan.

The meeting was attended by members of various offices and agencies such as MDRRMO, Office of the Municipal Mayor, SB Committee on Appropriation, Liga ng Bayan, PCSDS DMD Calamian, PSDS Culion District, MHO, Office of the Municipal Agriculture, PCG, PNP, MPDC, Municipal Engineering Office, Municipal Tourism Office, SWM, DENR-CENRO, and HIKARI SSP Corporation. The board meeting was chaired by the Office of the Municipal Mayor represented by Maxim Raymundo, the Municipal Administrator of Culion.

The objective of the session is to scrutinize and evaluate the project proposal applications of various individuals who are applying for ECAN Board Resolution, Wildlife Special Use Permit (WSUP), SEP clearance, and FLAGT.

Project proponents applying for Wildlife Special Use Permit (WSUP) for the reef-fish-for-food or live fish industry were requested to define their project proposal, majority of the applications were from Barangay Binudac in Culion where considerable residents of fishermen are dependent on the live fish trade. Some of the proponents invited were correspondingly applying for Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) Clearance for a backyard fishpond in Barangay Malaking Patag, others were referring to for Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism Purposes (FLAGT) in Barangay Osmeรฑa in Culion.

Findings and recommendations of the ECAN Evaluation Team were presented to the members, the said evaluation was accomplished last June and August by a composite team headed by the Office of the Municipal Agriculture and PCSDS. Project proponents were recommended to follow and comply with the necessary permits, the terms and conditions set by the ECAN Board to expedite their applications.

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