Strengthening TB Advocacy: CFI’s Active Participation in Sectoral Meeting

Introduction: Culion Foundation, Inc. (CFI) continues to make strides in the fight against tuberculosis (TB) through active engagement in crucial sectoral meetings. On June 26, 2023, CFI, represented by its esteemed leaders – Mr. Eugene Caccam, Executive Director, Dr. John Jefferson Besa, Project Lead of TB in the Workplace (TBW) Project, and Ms. Hanadee Galano, TBW Project Manager – took part in the Quarter 2 Regular Sectoral/Technical Meeting for the Education, Public Information, and Community Engagement cluster. Held at Sommerset Central Salcedo, Makati City, this meeting aimed to discuss vital objectives pertaining to TB awareness and operational efficiency.

A Unified Effort for TB Advocacy: During this significant gathering, the meeting’s objectives revolved around reviewing and approving the PAAP TB commitment tracker, providing valuable feedback on PAAP-TB operationalization, and consolidating risk management action plans per sector. As a trusted representative of professional societies and key affected populations, CFI actively contributed its expertise in the development of the PAAP TB.

Drawing on their extensive experience in implementing TB programs, CFI showcased their proactive approach in addressing TB-related challenges. The organization’s efforts, ranging from active case finding in high-risk communities to installing TB policies in informal workplace settings, have proven to be instrumental in safeguarding public health. Additionally, their dedication to TB-DOTS initiatives and other holistic community works reflects a deep commitment to making a lasting impact on TB management.

A Steadfast Commitment to the Cause: By actively engaging in this sectoral meeting, CFI once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the fight against TB. Their valuable contributions and insightful feedback play a crucial role in shaping and enhancing TB-related initiatives. As a united front, CFI continues to advocate for improved TB awareness and effective strategies to combat the disease.

Conclusion: Culion Foundation, Inc.’s participation in the Quarter 2 Regular Sectoral/Technical Meeting is a testament to their dedication in advancing TB advocacy and raising public awareness. By actively sharing their experiences and insights, CFI reinforces the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling TB-related challenges. As CFI continues to lead the charge in TB management, their unwavering commitment to public health promises a brighter, healthier future for affected communities.

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