Message From The Cfi Executive Director

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To Our Valued Partners in Health:

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and sustained success this 2024!

This is to provide an update on our recent organizational realignment in line with our renewed focus on public health initiatives, particularly in the domains of infectious diseases, emerging and reemerging infections, and maternal and child health structured around Universal Health Care, Global Health Security, and One Health. As part of our commitment to more comprehensive and synergistic approaches, we are reassigning our staff to better serve these objectives.

I’m pleased to introduce therefore the key individuals leading our new health program. Dr. John Jefferson Besa, a public health physician with extensive experience in managing health projects and a Clinical Professor at the UP Philippine General Hospital, will serve as the CFI Senior Program Manager for Health and will oversee the overall strategic direction of the health component of the Foundation. Ms. Jourdane Arches-Talaue, a seasoned medical technologist with strong interest and passion in public health will spearhead the Active Case Finding Project. Ms. Hanadee Gallano, a public health nurse specializing in community health, will be managing the Maternal and Child Health Program. Additionally, Mr. Ralph Cepeda, a trained public health professional, will be assisting me in project oversight and management specifically in project monitoring and evaluation.

In alignment with the increased responsibilities of the World Health Organization (WHO), we have assigned Mr. Reginald Alain Santos to the Leprosy Program. Mr. Santos brings expertise in leprosy and he is the most experienced among us in collaborating with WHO.

I want to emphasize the pivotal role your organization plays in the success of our redesigned health program. Your continued collaboration and contributions are invaluable as we strive for greater impact and reach. Moreover, I want to assure you that we are committed to facilitating a seamless turnover and transition process to ensure continuity and effectiveness in our collaborative efforts.

I greatly appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to further strengthening our partnership for the betterment of public health in our communities.



Executive Director

Culion Foundation, Inc.


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