In the pursuit of its mission, Culion Foundation, Inc. (CFI) embarked on a transformative journey throughout 2022. With a laser focus on enhancing health and environmental initiatives, empowering small businesses, and sustaining community development programs in the Calamianes region, CFI remained resilient amid unprecedented challenges.

Embracing a recalibrated approach, CFI anchored its strategies on three pivotal pillars: fostering partnerships and collaborations, meticulously managing existing projects, and fostering innovation. This strategic framework not only bolstered CFI’s responsiveness but also fortified its reputation as a beacon of resilience.

Despite the tumultuous landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, CFI persisted in its growth trajectory. Guided by a dedicated Board of Trustees and staff who exhibited unwavering commitment, the organization weathered the storm, exceeding expectations in delivering its mandate.

Acknowledgment is due to the unwavering support of donors who entrusted CFI with invaluable financial and technical resources. Furthermore, the resounding endorsement from partners and beneficiaries underscored CFI’s pivotal role in 2022.

In line with its strategic vision, CFI forged strategic alliances with key stakeholders such as the Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians and the Alliance for Improved Health Outcomes, fortifying its public health endeavors.

Moreover, CFI sustained its collaborative efforts with prominent organizations, including the Association of Foundations and the Philippine Coalition Against Tuberculosis, amplifying its impact across diverse fronts.

Noteworthy achievements abound in CFI’s health projects, exemplified by the groundbreaking “Prototyping of Provision of Outsourced TB Clinic for Private Hospitals in the Philippines” initiative. This innovative endeavor, supported by the United Nations Office for Project Services, heralded a new era in private sector engagement in TB management.

Furthermore, CFI’s commitment to community well-being manifested through the successful implementation of twelve impactful projects spanning health, environment, and community development. These initiatives, touching the lives of over 143,804 individuals, exemplified CFI’s unwavering dedication to holistic progress.

In the realm of environmental stewardship, CFI’s endeavors bore fruit through initiatives such as the FishRight project, promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries management.

As the Philippines navigates the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and grapples with multifaceted challenges, CFI remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the Filipino people. With a resilient spirit and an unwavering resolve, CFI continues to evolve, adapt, and thrive in its mission to foster a healthier, more sustainable future for all.