Culion Foundation Joins Pasay City Offices and Cooperatives to Combat TB in the Workplace

Jul 21, 2023 | Health, TB in the workplace | 0 comments

Culion Foundation Inc., convened last July 21, 2023 at Selah Pods Hotel, Pasay City. The meeting brought together Pasay City Health Office (CHO), Pasay City Cooperative Development Office (CDO), and identified cluster groups such as NMISA Multipurpose Cooperative, Rising Star Transport Service MPC, and Center for Community Transformation (CCT). The primary focus of the gathering was to assess the progress of the TB in the Workplace Project and evaluate the implementation of TB policies within Pasay City.

During the meeting, two main objectives were addressed: reinforcing the referral system between cluster groups and the local health department and harmonizing their collaborative efforts to combat TB for the rest of 2023. Additionally, the meeting sought to integrate TB-related activities into local cooperative projects. This collaborative approach ensures that TB awareness and prevention efforts are well-integrated within the cooperatives, further enhancing the impact of the initiatives.

The collective initiatives align seamlessly with the action plan and policy collectively signed by the cluster groups earlier this year. The comprehensive plan includes various programs such as active case finding within the groups and informative lectures on TB for Lung Month. These measures aim to increase public awareness about TB, its prevention, and the available resources for support and treatment.

CFI has consistently been at the forefront of the fight against this debilitating disease. Through the TB in the Workplace Project, the foundation aims to empower workplaces and local cooperatives by enhancing their knowledge and capacity to effectively address TB. By leveraging local resources and fostering partnerships, workplaces and cooperatives can play a crucial role in creating healthier environments and bringing the nation one step closer to its vision of a TB-free society.

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