Understanding TB through Basics of TB Lecture in San Jose City

May 30, 2023 | Health, TB in the workplace | 0 comments

In a bid to raise awareness and knowledge about tuberculosis (TB), Ms. Jourdane Arches, representing Culion Foundation, Inc., conducted an informative Basics of TB Lecture among the members of the Nag-iisang Masikap Cooperative. The event, held at Calaocan, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija on May 30, 2023, saw the active participation of Lamart and Waltermart TODA members.

The Basics of TB Lecture, under the TB in the Workplace Project, aimed to equip attendees with essential information about TB, its nature, transmission, symptoms, and available treatment options as well as for the participants to gain a deeper understanding of the objectives and significance of TB awareness initiatives.

The lecture saw active engagement through interactive discussions, wherein participants had the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences related to TB. This open exchange of knowledge facilitated a more profound grasp of the disease’s impact and the significance of early intervention.

By organizing the Basics of TB Lecture with Lamart and Waltermart TODA members, Culion Foundation, Inc. aims to foster a TB-free future in Nueva Ecija. The event served as a stepping stone towards building a more informed and prepared community equipped with the knowledge to identify TB and seek appropriate treatment promptly.

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