In celebration of the first Pista ng Kalikasan in Palawan: Culion Foundation Inc. in partnership with its LGU conducted the GForest Mangrove Planting activity in Culion, Palawan

Twenty (20) GForest beneficiaries from the sector of women and fisherfolks planted a total of 5,000 Rhizophora mucronata or bakhaw babae and Rhizophora stylosa or bakhaw bato mangrove seedlings that covered approximately 1 hectare of the reforestation site.

With a target of 45,000 mangrove seedlings planted for the year, CFI-GCash GForest Mangrove Project aims to raise environmental awareness among local communities and other stakeholders in Culion to help recover and maintain ecological balance and combat effects of climate change.

Thank you to the Culion LGU for providing technical assistance and free transportation for the participants.

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