Community-Based Mangrove Rehabilitation Project in Partnership with GCash, Local Government Unit and Culion Foundation Incorporated in Culion, Palawan, Philippines

This project formalizes the consultations/discussions held between GCash and the Culion Foundation Incorporated. The partnership between GCash, Fish Right, and the Culion Foundation Incorporated will result in the restoration of 128 hectares of mangrove forest in Coron and Culion, Palawan.

This project aims to contribute to restoring mangrove forests in fifteen (15) barangays (15 mangrove communities and marine protected areas (MPAs). Based on the updated mangrove reforestation monitoring conducted by the Plaawan local monitoring team in of the two (2) municipality, the decrease in mangrove cover is surprisingly high due to the previous mangrove conversion & cutting for charcoal-making made by communities. The deforestation areas include mangroves in Carabao, Binudac, Malaking Patag, Luac, Baldat, Burabod, and Halsey in Culion; and Barangays Tagumpay, Decabobo, San Jose, Bintuan, Borac, Turda, Decalachao, and Marcilla, Coron, Palawan. The local monitoring team concluded to increase the number of trees planted to reduce the threats at these risk sites.

Thus, the partnership between GCash, and Culion Foundation Incorporated will support the conservation, reforestation, and protection of these at-risk areas in collaboration with the Local Government Unit of Coron and Culion, National Government Agencies, Marine Protected Areas, and People’s Organization and the collection of the user fees to supplement community-based conservation efforts.